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Welcome to the team page of
Colegio Santa María de Luján (Argentina)

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This is our Team
Our city: San Isidro, Buenos Aires
Our country: Argentina
Our timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Our longitude is: 34° 27'
Our latiude is: 58° 30'

We wear these clothes: We usually wear t`shirts, shirts, jeans, shorts, sweaters, sneakers, sandals and high heels. But it depends on the weather and climate.

We eat these foods: We often eat a lot of meat, like milanesa or asado. We also eat empanadas, churros, facturas and dulce de leche, often included in cakes, alfajores or pancakes. Those are our typical dishes but anyway we eat a great variety of food.

We grow these foods: We mostly grow soy, wheat,corn, fruits and vegetables also.

We practice these religions: The most common religion is catholisism but there are jews and atheist also.

We speak these languages: In our country we speak spanish though lots of people learn other languages like english as well as portuguese, french and italian.

These animals live in our area: In our area there are a lot of domestic animals such as dogs, cats, birds, tortoises etc., while in the farm there are cows, horses, chikens, turkeys, sheeps, pigs and more.

These industries support our local economy: Manufacturing is the most important industry of Argentina. There are two main sectors: Agribusiness and the industry of non-agricultural origin, known as industrial manufacturing.

We use these types of transportation: We travel by car, train, bus, subway and taxis. Those are the most common ones.

These are our Nominees
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Alejandro Letto
Resident:San Fernando, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Photographer:Macarena Gonzalez Sibilia y María Victoria Visintin - Colegio Santa María de Luján - San Isidro
Alejandro Letto trabaja en el colegio Santa María de Luján como profesor de Matemática y Físico-Química.
Él es comprensivo, amable, atento, paciente, divertido, colaborador con el grupo estudiantil. En nuestra clase, generalmente, nos ayuda en temas tanto estudiantiles como personales.

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