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Hong Kong International School (China)

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This is our Team
Our city: Hong Kong
Our country: Hong Kong
Our timezone: Hong Kong (GMT +8)

These are our Nominees
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If the World were 100 people,15 would be overweight
Resident:Hong Kong
Photographer:Kelly Lo
Using this statistic, I decided to portray the issue of overweight people in a more subtle manner. Instead of painting obese individuals stuffing their faces with junk food, I chose to take a more abstract approach. I turned the whole canvas into a measuring scale, one that people step on to measure how much they weigh. Though most of the underlying background is covered in paint, it is a collage of slimming, health, exercise, and beauty ads. Society now almost requires the norm for beauty to be slim and fit. Yet there are still many out there who are unhealthily overweight.

On top of the collage are simplified figures of hamburgers, fries, and ice cream because those three food items are what everyone can relate to as unhealthy, fattening foods. In the upper center, the scale has been broken by the weight of an overweight individual stepping into the center of the measuring scale. The arrow has reached its ultimate limits and has gone past the maximum weight. Springs and bolts fly everywhere as the measuring scale is crushed. In the scale itself, six overweight men with tummies stand unable to do anything about their weight issues.

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