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Blaine Lake Composite School (Canada)

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Curtis Dengler
Resident:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I chose Curtis Dengler for this project because he is a great brother and role-model. Curtis was born in Allan, Saskatchewan and when he was 14, he moved to Whitecourt, Alberta. He always wanted to pursue a career in music so last year he moved to Vancouver so he could take schooling for producing and hip-hop. I respect him a lot for that because sometimes it's hard to follow your dreams. Also this summer, Curtis helped out in the VANCOUVER EASTSIDE HOMELESS AWARENESS FEST. This festival is pretty much a big concert for people who are less fortunate or don't have a home. Curtis let a homeless kid rap with him and even produced a CD with him! This kid actually got a record deal and has a home now! All in all, I say that Curtis Dengler's actions make him a great Canadian, friend and brother!

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