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Xiamen International School (China)

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Cai Shou Dong
Resident:Xiamen, Fujian Province, China
Photographer:Jhee Hwan Baik & Christine Huang
Cai Shou Dong was born in Xiamen and currently lives there. He lives with his wife and his son in typical Xiamen middle class housing where small apartments make up a small community. He is currently working as a bus driver in Xiamen International School (for about 7 years). Before he became a bus-driver, he was a maintenance worker for machines and electrical circuits. He worked as a maintainer for about thirty years. There are two reasons why he changed his job; one is because he believes that there are different jobs for different ages. Another reason is because he wishes to go with the need of society, which requires more drivers for transportation as Xiamen modernizes. Shou Dong believes it is one way he can contribute to the society. One of the most significant things that happened in his life is his son getting a bachelor's degree because he didn't receive much erudition in his days. It was really comforting to know his son can get a higher degree than he did; Shou Dong is really proud of him. We admire Shou Dong because it is really hard to find someone nowadays who is not only happy and satisfied with his job, but also tries his hardest to do something that can contribute to his surroundings.

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