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Welcome to the team page of
Bali International School (Indonesia)

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This is our Team
Our city: Sanur, Bali
Our country: Indonesia
Our timezone: 8
Our longitude is: 8° 39' E
Our latiude is: 115° 13' E

We wear these clothes: For the most part people wear western clothing unless they are going to be involved in a Hindu Ceremony. Traditional dress for men and women includes a sarung and a traditional top. Men also have a traditional type of hat that they wear for ceremonies.

We eat these foods: Balinese are fond of chicken, fish and pork. Beef is also eaten here. Tempeh and tofu are also part of the diet along with a variety of vegetables. Rice is pretty much eaten at every meal.

We grow these foods: Rice is the staple food in Bali. A variety of tropical and western fruits and vegetables are also grown.

We practice these religions: 98% of the population of Bali is Hindu the other two percent of the population is made up of Muslims and Christians.

We speak these languages: The first language of the majority of the population is Balinese but Bahasa Indonesia is the language of commerce and education.

These animals live in our area: There are a variety of native species of birds and animals which live in the forests and hill country. People raise chickens, pigs and a Balinese cattle.

These industries support our local economy: Tourism is the main industry in the south of the island. The majority of the population is involved in agriculture.

We use these types of transportation: Many people use motor bikes and pedal bikes to get around. There are also many private cars, public buses and mini vans called Bemo's which people use to get around the island.

These are our Nominees
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Agung Adi Lestari
Resident:Kuta, Bali
Agung Adi Lestari is a 33 year-old Balinese woman whose first language was Indonesian and speaks Balinese and English as well. She is hindu and is married, having one child, parents and a younger sibling. She lives in JL. Three Brothers No. 2 Legian in Kuta, Bali . Where she lives is near a beach and there are many shops, restaurants and hotels nearby. She has attended 6 years of primary school, 3 years each of middle school and high school and a year in university. She works as a librarian in Bali International School . Her interests are reading.

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