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Welcome to the team page of
Casa Thomas Jefferson (Brazil)

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This is our Team
Our city: Brasilia, DF
Our country: Brazil
Our timezone: Brazilia (GMT-3)

We wear these clothes: Jeans, T-shirt, bermudas, shorts, pants, skirt, dress, flip-flops, sneakers.

We eat these foods: A typical Brazilian meal is: rice beans, salad, meat or chicken

We grow these foods: soybeans, coffee, corn, sugar cane, rice, beans, many kinds of fruit

We practice these religions: Catholicism, Protestantism, Spiritism, Candomblé, Umbanda

We speak these languages: Portuguese

These animals live in our area: deers, macaws, lizards, tapir, nutria, capybara, different feline species, otter, jaguar, anteater, armadillo

These industries support our local economy: Government services, small-scale industry, food services, and construction are economically important.

We use these types of transportation: car, bus, subway

These are our Nominees
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Airton Carvur Goulart
Resident:Brasilia, Brazil
Photographer:Mariana Goulart
I consider my father a very good person and, of course, a role model. He is sixty years old and he works for an electric power company. This work isn't an ideal work, but I chose to talk about him for his qualities. He is certainly the man of every woman’s dreams. He is very romantic and gets along with my mother very well. Moreover, he is very concerned about his children. He is also very polite with all people. In addition, he is a very calm person. He has many friends, and people like him very much. He gives great advice whenever someone needs it. He has four children and raised them very well always giving them love. The world needs a lot of people like him. I could say more about him, but this is it. He is my hero and my role model.

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