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Welcome to the team page of
Lincoln Community School (Ghana)

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This is our Team
Our city: Accra
Our country: Ghana
Our timezone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

We wear these clothes: light clothes, such as quick-dry pants, jeans and shorts, sandals and trainers, t shirts and colourful dresses and shirts with beautiful Ghanaian patterns on them.

We eat these foods: Western food such as pizza and burgers, as well as traditional Ghanaian food (chicken and rice, rice jolof, talapia) We also enjoy ethnic foods from some very good restaraunts here, such as French, Chinese, Indian, Italian, etc.

We grow these foods: Rice, Corn/maise, and many types of fruit and vegetables such as pineapples, banannas, squash and groundnuts (peanuts)

We practice these religions: Christian and Muslim mostly, but there are many others as well.

We speak these languages: English, Twee, French and Dutch

These animals live in our area: lizards, fruit bats, dogs and cats, goats and chickens. Toads and insects. Ghana is host to some of the largest insects on earth, including the Goliath Beetle, though I have yet to see any large insects where I live.

These industries support our local economy: Oil, gold mining, and trade (we are in a large city with access to the sea - much international trade goes on here)

We use these types of transportation: we drive in cars, take bicycles, taxis (very run down taxis that don't always work too well) and buses called 'Tro Tros'.

These are our Nominees
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Akyema Sampong
Resident:East Legon, Accra Ghana
Photographer:Animwaa Sampong
Akyema Sampong has benefited the community by setting up pharmacies with her dad to serve and benefit the community. She has gained respect trough her great ideas in setting up a new and advance pharmacy and her great customer service. She has inpired and led others by encouraging them to work and acting as a role model.

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