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Resources: We recommend the following links for teachers, students, environmentalists, scientists, and anyone interested in learning more about renewable energy and solar power.


Visit our online glossary for detailed definitions of renewable energy and electrical terms.

Solar Classroom Resources

The following list offers schools and teachers further training and curricula resources. Several of these groups may have utility funded solar schools programs.

Carbon and Solar Learning Tools

Renewable Energy

  • International Energy Agency: http://www.iea.org/ (an intergovernmental organization that advises 28 member countries on reliable, affordable, and clean energy)
  • World Energy Outlook: www.worldenergyoutlook.org (an authoritative source of energy analysis and projections, from the International Energy Agency. Includes energy projections to 2030)
  • U.S. Department of Energy: www.energy.gov
  • The Foundation for Environmental Education: www.fee-international.org/en (educational programming, energy projects, and related public outreach activities throughout the United States and abroad)
  • World Energy and Consumption Page, from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_energy_resources_and_consumption (Note: Wikipedia is an open-content collaborative encyclopedia that anyone can edit, with no peer review; please quote with caution)
  • Clean Energy States Alliance: www.cleanenergystates.org (a nonprofit organization comprised of members from 16 clean energy funds and two state agencies)
  • The Foundation for Environmental Energy: www.learnenergy.org (expanding environmental and energy literacy, through energy project and related public outreach)
  • The Berkeley Institute of the Environment: http://bie.berkeley.edu (part of the UC Berkeley Research Center, brings together 300 faculty, dozens of research centers, and thousands of students with research interests in the environment)


  • Worldometers: www.worldometers.info (world statistics, including energy and population, updated in real time, managed by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers)
  • Energy Information Administration: www.eia.doe.gov (official energy statistics from the U.S. government)

Solar Events

Publications, Blogs

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