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100 People Under the Sun Lesson Plan: Our custom lesson plan helps students around the world learn about solar energy in their own communities, and contribute their findings to our global portrait of energy use.

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The 100 People Under the Sun lesson plan spans multiple study areas, including language, social studies, science, and art.

Through the plan's discussion points and activities, students identify the ways they use energy every day, and investigate the use of solar energy in their local community. At the conclusion of the lesson plan, students get the opportunity to formally nominate someone in their community who is actively engaged in and implementing solar energy solutions.

Students submit their nomination along with hands-on research from the lesson plan, as well as documentation of their nominee with original photography or artwork. Once submitted, the student's nomination officially becomes part of the 100 People Under the Sun project.

As they follow the lesson plan, students will develop key leadership skills to help raise their community's awareness of its energy use, as well as its motivation to advance sustainable approaches.


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