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Stories about solar energy that have been provided by students and individuals around the world

If the world were 100 people,
24 would have no access to electricity.

The electricity generated to power the planet for the rest of us produces 80% of all carbon emissions. Yet there is enough clean, renewable solar energy available to meet all of the world's energy demands. In a collaboration with SunPower Foundation, the 100 People Foundation focuses its lens on how we share energy on this planet, and the tremendous potential sunlight offers. Read more »

The Power of a Bright Idea

Forward-thinking people around the world are actively inventing new uses for sunlight, creating a future for our planet that is independent of fossil fuel. We want to meet these people and tell their stories. Nominate someone you know who is making a difference with solar energy.

One Million Students

SunPower Foundation has created a new pilot program in conjunction with the 100 People Under the Sun project which aims to introduce an innovative program curriculum to school children from K-12. As school children grow to become environmentally conscious adults, they will be able to shape a better and brighter world for all. Find out more at onemillionstudents.org.

100 People Under the Sun
is made possible by a grant from the SunPower Foundation .
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