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Welcome to the team page of
Tonganoxie Middle School (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Tonganoxie, KS.
Our country: United States of America
Our timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT-6)
Our longitude is: 39° 6\'25' W
Our latiude is: 95° 4\'43' W

We wear these clothes: Casual, cotton, dri-fit, denim, wool.

We eat these foods: Wheat, vegetables, fruits, grains. High fructose foods and high fat foods.

We grow these foods: Corn, wheat, beans, alf-alfa

We practice these religions: Christian, catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, ect.

We speak these languages: English

These animals live in our area: Domestic and farm. Dogs, cats, horses, sheep, goats, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks.

These industries support our local economy: Farming, manufacturing, factories.

We use these types of transportation: Cars and trucks.

These are our Nominees
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Bill Weideman
Religion:Roman Catholic
Resident:Leawood, KS.
Photographer:Andrew Rantz
Bill Weideman is one of the coaches on my baseball team. He inspires me to work really hard and when I do, I can do great things. Also, he teaches me more ways to play baseball better than I could ever imagine anybody else could teach me in my lifetime. His youngest son is on my team and also one of my best friends. He is one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever had. Also, my team is one of the best in the country.

He likes to do stuff with his family like: getting ice cream, going to dinner, going to the lake, and just likes being with them. Bill likes to eat steak, casseroles, Jimmie Johns, and breakfast food. He likes country music. Also, he likes to listen to Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Darius Rucker, and one song wonder groups.
His children go to a catholic school. In his job, he is the owner of a company that sells plumbing supplies. Also, he sells the plumbing equipment to contractors. Bill Weideman is the best baseball coach I have ever had, but more importantly, he is one of the most important people in my life! From what I have said, I hope you know why I think Bill Weideman is one of the best people in my community.

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