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Madison Middle School (USA)

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Leroy Williams
Resident:Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
LeRoy works at the Mercedes Benz Dealership, and while working there currently, he pulls and order parts that the cars need in order to function. They enjoy helping people and their cars, so they can keep working, while he doesn't particularly like his coworkers. He also works the job he works because he has bills to pay and a family to take care of. His family that lives at home consists of his wife, and two daughters, while he as two sons who do not live with him. On a average day, he eats a coke and a snack for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch, and homemade food for dinner. To him, a home means a place where we are a family and you can e yourself. While in school, he enjoyed it and it was a place to learn and a place to hangout with friends, but didn't like some of the teachers and rules. For the future, he is hoping to see his kids grow up and do what they want, and have a good life. They are afraid of not being able to provide for his family and loved ones and not knowing what the future has in store, If he could do any other job, he would be a NFL player or a game and fish warden. His hobbies include hunting, fishing and playing cards, while the newest hobby would be wood carving and burning.They have given wise advice to people who need it the most. They have gone through many different experiences. They also have the knowledge to solve problems that are going on in the world, and can effectively solve problems they see.

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