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This is our Team
Our city: Caracas
Our country: Venezuela
Our timezone: Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)

We wear these clothes: There are many varied ways of dress as many people come from different backgrounds both indigenous and contemporary clothes are worn by people from different walks of life.

We eat these foods: Many corn based meals are prepared and eaten with beans and meat traditionally . But there are also many variations of meals eaten by the people including fruit, vegetables meats and pastries.

We grow these foods: Caracas is a city with many buildings and streets . Although not much food is grown in the city limits Trees and vegetation are cover a great deal of area in and around the whole of Caracas.

We practice these religions: 95% of the population adheres to Christianity, in which a huge segment of the population, between 81% and 90%, practices Roman Catholicism. About 1% of Venezuelans practice indigenous religions. Under 1% practice Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Despite strong numbers of adherents, around 60% of respondents to a poll by El Tiempo report that they do not practice their faith actively.

We speak these languages: Spanish English Other indigenous languages in remote areas.

These animals live in our area: Only in Animal Parks are there a variety of animals. although there is a lot of birdlife everywhere and a great deal of Sea life.

These industries support our local economy: Oil Reserves mostly.

We use these types of transportation: Cars. Public transport such as Subways and buses. Airplanes

These are our Nominees
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Alejandro Castro
Resident:Caracas Venezuela
Photographer:Stephanie Rojas
Alejandro was born in San Francisco, California in 1998.
Son of a italian/venezuelan mother and a venezuelan father.
Both immigrated to the US about 35 years ago and
jumped from city to city until they decided San Francisco
was the best place to settle in. About two years ago
his family had to move back to Caracas Venezuela,
which was a strong impact in Alejandro’s life since Caracas is not anything
like San Francisco. Alejandro doesn’t love Caracas, since according to
him and to the majority of the country, Venezuela has its ups and down,
he wants freedom and have the chance to live without being afraid of going
out of his house.

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