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Welcome to the team page of
Weatherly Heights Elementary (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Huntsville, AL
Our country: United States of America
Our timezone: Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)
Our longitude is: 34° 7303'
Our latiude is: 86° 5861'

We wear these clothes: People dress very casually unless their job requires it or if they are going to some places of worship. It’s common to see t-shirts and sports jerseys, jeans and shorts, sweatshirts and hoodies, and baseball caps. Often people will wear workout clothes since they are on the way to the gym or are jogging. The fabric is usually cotton or polyester which wicks quickly. Women usually wear earrings, but some men do as well. Most children wear athletic shoes. People usually dress differently for weddings, funerals, the symphony, worship, and some jobs. Men will wear black tie leather shoes and a suit and women wear dresses or fancy slacks with high heels.

We eat these foods: We eat a lot of food in Huntsville!! For breakfast we normally eat cereal and fruit, pop tarts or yogurt, bacon or sausage and eggs, pancakes with syrup, breads such as toast, croissants, doughnuts, biscuits, and to drink: coffee, milk, or juice. For lunch we normally have one of the following: hamburgers with French fries, wings, nachos, sandwiches, Chinese, chicken and rice, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, macaroni and cheese, or chili for the main dish and fruit and vegetables. For dinner we normally have spaghetti, burgers with fries, mac and cheese, chili, beans, Mexican, Chinese, seafood, chicken wings, Italian, salad, steak, and corn. So, we don’t all eat the same thing every day. Many people go out to eat.

We grow these foods: Crops we grow in our yards: strawberries, tomatoes, blueberries, cucumber, pumpkin, watermelon, beans, peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, okra, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, zucchini and other squashes, apples, pecans, peaches. The main crops planted by farmers are corn, soybeans, and cotton is considered king.

We practice these religions: Our city has a very diverse religious community. The majority are Christian with Baptists, Catholics, and Methodists the most plentiful. There are hundreds of places of worship including Mormon, Islam, and Jewish. Although we have a very religious population, many people are atheists or do not participate in any religion.

We speak these languages: The majority of people in Huntsville speak and read English. However, due to heavy immigration it is very common to hear Spanish and see Spanish. We have a large German population who speak English in public. The large Asian groups will also speak English in public unless chatting together.

These animals live in our area: Wild animals include: birds, squirrels, rabbits, bobcats, mosquitos in abundance, grasshoppers, coyotes, catfish, and deer. Domestic animals include: pets; cats, dogs, snakes, hamsters and gerbils, mice and rats, parakeets and parrots, and tropical fish; farm animals: sheep, cows, goats, horses, mules, and chickens.

These industries support our local economy: The industries which many people work for are missile defense companies who contract with the government such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Redstone Arsenal is our biggest employer and they work with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. That’s why we are known as The Rocket City. Communication and engineering firms such as Adtran, SAIC, and Wylie also employ a lot of people.

We use these types of transportation: Some of the many types of transportation in Huntsville, Alabama are cars, bicycle, feet, taxi, bus, plane, motorcycle, roller blades, boats, and skateboards. We get rides to school because some fifth graders are student volunteers. The majority of people in Huntsville travel by car. We use our feet, bicycle, roller blades, and a skateboard to go short distances. We use a motorcycle, taxis, bus, and cars to get across town. We use planes and boats to get across the country and world.

These are our Nominees
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Alisa Sams
Religion:Christian Methodist
Resident:Huntsville, AL USA
Photographer:Sam Whitley
We chose Lisa Sams because she has changed the world by teaching kids and her gifted kids to think outside the box. She has made kids creativity larger in ways to help them in later years. She is teacher and has taught for 28 years. What she loves about her job is the kids. She has taught at a federal program, at Ed White Middle, and at Weatherly Heights Elementary. She went to the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Samford University, earning a Masters in both Elementary Education and in Gifted and Talented. If she had a different job she said it would be something with children.

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