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St Andrews School for Girls (South Africa)

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Crosby Menzies
Resident:Johannesburg, South Africa
If the worls were 100 people...we would nominate our eco-hero, Crosby Menzies. A man who could change the world one solar solution at a time.

Crosby is determined to make a difference in the world. He founded Sunfire Solutions in 2004 after returning from London, where he worked for Wall Street Journal online. Upon his return, he studied permaculture. While visiting schools with feeding schemes, he noticed that rural schools used firewood to cook the learners daily meals. He had seen this before in many other countries that he had visited. Crosby thought that this subject needed attention. Sunfire Solutions is one of the only companies in Africa that focuses on clean energy cooking appliances.

Africa's forests are disappearing at a rate of 3% per year - mostly due to wood being used for energy. By reducing people's reliance on wood as an energy source, Crosby is creating a sustainable future. That is why we think he could change the world.

Zoey Pillay & Alexandra da Sousa

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