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Bill K. Grubbs
Resident:Connersville, Indiana, USA
Photographer:Tommy Hsu
Bill K. Grubbs was born in Connersville Indiana and currently lives there. He is a maintains and a farmer. He usually wears blue jeans, tennis shoes, old boots, and T-shirt. He spends three to four days of a week in the Victoria Apartment as a maintains. All the residents like Bill, he is humorous, easy to talk with and never hear him complains about his job; whenever you have questions, just give him a call or find him in the room, he would love to help you out, not just the things in the apartment also the things in your life.

During the time when he is not working at the apartment, he works at home as a farmer. There are three people work at the farm, Bill, his son in law and his son in low's father. They all have second job, whoever has time, and will take care of the farm. When the harvest season come, three of them will work together to make the things done. It is amazing how people take care of their family business. There are other animals also live in the farm, such as cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, dogs, and one horse. He lives in a town where population are around 1,400, most people are farmers and they drive pickup trucks that help them more easier to live in farm community. He is from US and speaks English, in his community approximately 98% speak English, and others speak Spanish. He is really proud of his grandson that speaks Spanish better than him. There are 98% of people who believe in Christian and some Catholic, Methodist and few Jewish, he is one of the 98%. When he has free time, he likes to listen to the music, watching the movies, and too much television, especially he likes to work. He always can find something to do when he is not doing his job.

His hard working is the thing that make me choice him. He always full of passion to the people because he likes his job, likes to talk with people and likes to do something. Always have positive attitude to everything.

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