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Welcome to the team page of
Jupiter Middle School of Technology (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Jupiter, Florida
Our country: United States of America
Our timezone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)

These are our Nominees
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Aunt of Felicia Ritz
Resident:Jupiter. Florida, USA
Photographer:Felicia Ritz
To start off my aunt has always been there for me so she is my hero. Her favorite color is yellow. She was born in England and has been living in Jupiter Fl for fourteen years so she has come down here and after one year she provides a home for me.
Next I love my aunt because has had about twenty pets in her life but yet she wont let us have a dog. Her favorite food is Fettuccine Alfrado and her favorite soda is Dr. Pepper. I lover he because she is a great mom.
Then her favorite football team is cowboys but I like the steelers, her favorite TV show is Justified and her favorite animal is a ferret, her favorite state is Texas. That's probably because she spent most of her life in Texas and she has lived in eleven houses.
Now you know why my aunt's my hero.

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