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Welcome to the team page of
American School of Puebla, Mexico (Mexico)

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This is our Team
Our city: Puebla, Puebla
Our country: Mexico
Our timezone: Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)

We wear these clothes: Blue jeans and T-shirts as most young kids do everywhere.

We eat these foods: Stewed meats, tacos, enchiladas and many kinds of hot salsas. Fresh tortillas daily go with everything.

We grow these foods: Corn just about everywhere and fruits and vegetables within an hour or two.

We practice these religions: The majority is Catholic but there are evangelicals, Jewish and some Budhists.

We speak these languages: Spanish predominates and Nahuatl from the Indian regions near Puebla is used by many who work now in Puebla City. Our school teaches English.

These animals live in our area: Just the regular animals, nothing very exotic.

These industries support our local economy: Tourism because of the 495 years of colonial buildings as well as pyramids within 10 minutes. A large Volkswagon factory and textile factories and small international industries.

We use these types of transportation: Cars, bus and taxi

These are our Nominees
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Miguel Angel Mendez Soza
Resident:Puebla,Pue. Mexico
Photographer:Joseph Luis Nacif Gebrayel.
He has helped the community by not contaminating. He has earned respect by not saying bad words and inspired other people by not letting them say bad words.

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