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American International School of Johannesburg (South Africa)

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Chandra Gupta
Resident:Johannesburg, South Africa
Photographer:Radhika Gupta
Chandra Gupta was born in India a decade prior to Partition. She lived in Kolkata when the country was being divided into India and West Pakistan. Her family owned land in the district of Teota, near Dhaka. When the country was partitioned her family lost all its land near Dhaka, but was left with a house in Kolkata.

She is blind in one eye and can only see 10% of what the average person sees with the other. Because of this she could not complete three years of Secondary Education. These three years made her hunger for knowledge and she would secretly read books under her bed. She graduated with a degree in Geography. Ashutosh Gupta married her and they had two children.

Ashutosh died at the age of 50. Since then she has been living with her son Jaydeep, and she spends her time doing needlework. Her work is truly beautiful. She loves nature and the outdoors, but cannot venture out too often because of her eyesight. I decided to use this picture of her against the clear, open sky as, to me, it signifies that she really wants more than she can do.

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