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Welcome to the team page of
American School Foundation of Guadalajara (Mexico)

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This is our Team
Our city: Guadalajara/Jalisco
Our country: Mexico

We practice these religions: Roman Catholic, Christians and Jews

We speak these languages: Spanish as first language, most people speak english, and inside our school there are some Asians and Europeans

We use these types of transportation: Cars and public transportation like buses and cabs

These are our Nominees
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Roberto Castellanos Lopez
Resident:Tonala, Jalisco, Mexico
Photographer:Lorenza Carrillo Villasenor
Roberto works with his wife, Maria de Jesus at the market. He sells handmade dresses for dolls. He also sells plastic toys like cars, trucks, horses and others. He has been working in the market since he got married. He has one son that is working illegally in the United States.

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