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Welcome to the team page of
International School Manila (Philippines)

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This is our Team
Our city: Manila, Philippines
Our country: Philippines
Our timezone: Hong Kong (GMT +8)

These are our Nominees
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Abel Cruzat
Resident:Taguig, manila
Photographer:Janice Tan
Abel Cruzat is a 28 year old Filipino man who works in the International School Manila Mexicali Restaurant. During lunch, he serves crowds of loud, demanding students. The restaurant pays him 4000- 7000 pesos a month, which is about $80-$140. He is Catholic, like his parents, and speaks both Tagalog and English. Abel was married just recently, on December 22, 2005. Abel is representative of many other working-class Filipinos, from his religion, to his salary, and most importantly, his hospitable and celebratory nature. Though Abel must work to help his low-income parents support his three younger siblings, he does so without spite or complaint. In fact, he often finds many things to celebrate about life, such as holidays, birthdays, and simply being with his family.

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