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Welcome to the team page of
International School of Yangon (Myanmar)

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This is our Team
Our city: Yangon
Our country: Myanmar
Our timezone: Dhakar (GMT +6)
Our longitude is: 16° 48'
Our latiude is: 96° 9'

We eat these foods: Rice is the main food eaten in Myanmar and is usually served with curry. Because Buddhism is practiced by so many people, citizens try to stay away from beef and pork. Eating beef and meat is not forbidden, but it is avoided by many.

We grow these foods: Rice is the main food grown here, but there is not as much now because of the Hurricane. Many families have lost their animals and it is harder to harvest rice. Sometimes, food like rice becomes less available.

We practice these religions: 89.9% of Myanmar's citizens practice Buddhism, with Christianity and Islam also being practiced.

We speak these languages: The main and official language spoken in Myanmar(Burma)is Burmese. Even though the majority of the population speaks Burmese(65%), there are a variety of languages citizens speak. Shan, Karen, Kachin, Chin, Mon, and Rakhine are all spoken in Myanmar.

These animals live in our area: Buffalo and cattle are used to plough the fields for the rice harvest and very important to the agricultural economy. Since much of Myanmar is forests, there are many cool animals. Tigers and Leopards lurk in the deep forests looking for their next victims and many different monkey species, like the gibbon, swing from tree to tree. Elephants are also found in Myanmar!

These industries support our local economy: Being the largest city in Myanmar, Yangon is the center for trade, industry, tourism, entertainment, and media. A lot of Myanmar's economy depends on just this one city! Construction is the most important industry and gives many citizens jobs, but it is in decline now because Yangon is not the capital city anymore.

We use these types of transportation: Many people in Yagon get around through the complex bus system, which is extremely cheap to ride. Most citizens of Yagon cannot afford a private car because only a certain amount of vehicles can be imported into the country. Car prices in Myanmar are among the most expensive car prices in the world!!

These are our Nominees
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Daw Mya Yin
Resident:Yangon, Myanmar
Photographer:Wai Wai Tun
Strongest Woman

People can recognize her from far away, as she is skinny, short, and leans forward whenever she walks. She always wears the traditional blouse, longyi, and a pair of slippers Her black hair is as dark as charcoal though she is eighty-five years old. A gigantic mole sticks beside her right eye. Moreover, several wrinkles and green blood vessels on her hand indicate her age. Her name is Daw Mya Yin and she lives in an 8 feet by 7 feet hut on the side of the street. A cluster of ready-made bread, snacks and crackers are hanging in front of that hut. Selling food, cigarettes and Kyun Yar is her business and she gets around eight hundred kyats per day.

Using this income, she is able to provide enough to eat for both herself and her 18-year-old granddaughter, whose father left her when she was eight years old. Daw Mya Yin just passed the seventh grade and left school due to her poor life. Even though she is not prosperous, I like her way of thinking about life. She said, "Nothing is a big deal, peace is the most vital." I think that's why she looks younger than her age. I admire her as she is still healthy and satisfied with her life. Most of the rich people can't even find the peace that she has. Daw Mya Yin is the strongest woman that I've ever seen who doesn't give up her pitiable life.

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