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Welcome to the team page of
Robert College (Turkey)

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This is our Team
Our city: Arnavutkoy, Istanbul
Our country: Turkey
Our timezone: Israel (GMT +2)
Our longitude is: 41° 1'
Our latiude is: 28° 58'

We wear these clothes: People living in the cities wear modern dress. Some people in rural areas prefer traditional clothes.

We eat these foods: There is a very unique Turkish cuisine which is very rich in desserts and all sorts of kebap.

We grow these foods: Nearly all vegatables and fruits are grown where I live, excluding the exotic fruits.

We practice these religions: All three major religions; Islam, Christinaity and Judaism is practiced in harmony with each other.

We speak these languages: Turkish

These animals live in our area: A wide variety of animals inhabit the Anatolian peninsula. A very special type of cat, whose each eye has a distinct color is bred in Van

These industries support our local economy: Textile, agriculture and food processing

We use these types of transportation: It is mainly commuter transport.

These are our Nominees
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'Sil Akgun
Resident:Istanbul, Turkey
Photographer:Meryem Ke?o?lu
Isil was born in Istanbul in 1987. She is a senior in a German high school and has plans of becoming an architect. We met in fourth grade and became close friends. Our friendship survived through many obstacles. Those were the things that made me see that she is going to be the one next to me, whenever I need. Most of the time I did not ask for it but she was ready to help. Through these years she becomes a friend, with whom I will always feel at ease and with whom I make plans of future without fear. Life is less complicated when you know that there is someone, who will understand the whole sentence before you finish a word. Sometimes it is hard to ask the right question and knowing that someone is going to be there to give the right answer before you ask makes it a lot more easier. Isil is that someone for me.

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