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Welcome to the team page of
International School Moshi (Tanzania, United Republic of)

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This is our Team
Our city: Arusha
Our longitude is: 3° 22'
Our latiude is: 36° 41'

We eat these foods: In Tanzania, the died of its many citizens is based upon many starches like cornmeal, beans, pilaf, and millet. The national dish is ugali, which is a stiff dough made of cornmeal usually served with sauce containing meat, fish, beans, or cooked vegetables.

We grow these foods: Maize, beans, pady, and sorghum are the major crops gown in Arusha.

We practice these religions: Tanzania is a country of many religions. Three main religions make up the country, which are Islam, Christianity, and then the last third are made of followers of indigenous religious groups.

We speak these languages: Tanzania has 126 different ethnic groups that speak there own language, but the most official language in Tanzania is Swahili. English used to be widely spoken because of the influence of British colonial rule, but less and less people are speaking it every day.

These animals live in our area: Many visitors come to Arusha every year to go on safaris and see the exotic animals that the area has to offer. Some animals in Arusha are giraffes, elephants, and water buffalo.

These industries support our local economy: Agriculture is the main industry that supports the economy of Arusha because there are large vegetable and flower producers. Arusha is one of he major citites for tourism!

We use these types of transportation: Transportation in Tanzania is mainly by road, with the majority of the roads being unpaved and just dirt.

These are our Nominees
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Agnes Stephano
Religion:Lutheran Christian
Resident:Arusha, Tanzania
Photographer:Ruben Caspary
I chose Agnes Stephano as somebody who helps her community. She has worked as a maeid for my family for 10 years. I heard lots of stories from her about how she helps a person with a sick child with advice and money. Htat is one way people respect he. Agnes also helps settle communication problems in her community. Through her hard work she saved enough money to buya gas stove instead of using charcoal which is illegal in Tanzania. I think her actions will communicate the idea that using a stove is better and cheaper and that might influence others to follow her.

Agnes has three boys. On top of that she has one brother, one sister and her mother staying at her house, which overwhelms her. She lives on the outskirts of Arusha town in a village called Olasiti in Tanzania. Her opinion of her community development is that it has developed much in the aspect of medical need and education.

Another reason I chose her is she’s not very famous but she does a lot. I think its important to show respect and encourage her for what she’s done for others.

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