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Welcome to the team page of
Burrel Union Elementary (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Fresno, CA
Our country: United States of America
Our timezone: Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)

We wear these clothes: Where we live it is warm to hot in the summer, so we were shorts and t-shirts. It some times gets as hot as 110+. In the Winter it rains some, about 3-6 inches a year, and it is some times very foggy, So foggy that we can not go to school.

We eat these foods: Most of the students in our school are Hispanic so most of the population of our school eats tacos, beans and rice. However, one food that everyone agrees is their favorite is PIZZA!

We grow these foods: Our school in centered in the agriculture capital of the world. We grow corn, apples, peaches, tomatoes, chilis, grapes, raisins, melons, rice, berries, oragnes, lemons, squash, pumpkins, you name it, we grow it.

We speak these languages: English, Spanish,

These animals live in our area: Native animals would be coyotes, red fox, and praire dogs. We also have wild rabbits, ground squirres, and many birds of prey.

These industries support our local economy: agriculture, dairy farms,

We use these types of transportation: cars, and buses for school, bicycles, quad bikes, and skate boards.

These are our Nominees
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Mary Funk
Resident:Fresno, CA USA
Photographer:Mark Pearson
Mary Funk is a 4th grade teacher at Burrel Elementary School. She has introduced her students to students in a village in Kamuli, Uganda Africa. Her students sponsor a child, make books for orphans, and provide science lessons to a school that have no books. Mrs. Funk started a nonprofit organization to support the orphans and she raises funds to replace roofs, big wells, and buy shoes for 500 students. During her summers she travels to the orphanage and teaches lessons in science, reading and writing. Burrel community has benefited by Mrs. Funk's project because we are all learning to care for and about people halfway around the world from us. Her students continue helping even when they leave her classroom.

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