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Welcome to the team page of
Lehman High School (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Kyle, Texas, USA
Our country: United States of America
Our timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT-6)

We wear these clothes: Our students wear casual clothes like blue jeans, t-shirts, and sports shoes. We have some kids that dress up a bit with nice shoes, slacks, and dresses. Our males sports team dress nicely on game days with a shirt and tie.

We eat these foods: Pizza is a very popular food here. It is inexpensive and easy to get. Bar-b-que is a popular food. Beans served in a tortilla or with rice is a popular dish.

We grow these foods: Corn and wheat. Cotton is also farmed in this area.

We practice these religions: Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Episcople, Morman

We speak these languages: English, Spanish

These animals live in our area: Domesic pets such as dogs and cats live in this area. People own horses and cows on their land.

These industries support our local economy: There are wood and metal working shops, construction, farming.

We use these types of transportation: I use a car and my bicycle. Most people use their cars to get around. Not many people walk here.

These are our Nominees
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Alex Rodriguez
Photographer:Alex Rodriguez
This man benefited his community whether it be helping in the church or praying for somebody and playing in a band for fun or even gladly giving money to somebody’s family to eat when rent is do. Also he is a great father to my brother and he also is a great husband and every struggle we have been through as a family he always say God will take care of us and it has always happened. For instance I play drums for my church and on summer Monday I went to work and nobody was home some burglars broke into my house and stole my drums and he said God will take care of us and a week later a guy I don’t even know calls from Iraq and says go down to straight music there’s drums picked out cymbals cases and its all paid for so through his life and our families it shows other people in our community its real. Alex Rodriguez was born in Houston, Texas on February 16, 1965 to Hilda Rodriguez. He loves to eat Latin Foods. His job is making signs for smaller companies. His method of transportation is an old 1996 crown Victorian that was a DPS officer car. He describes our family as the tightest family and the greatest he couldn’t ask for better. He likes to play music and now watch his kids step into being serious musicians. His favorite music is the kind with lots of emotion behind it no matter what genera it is.

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