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Union County Early College High School (USA)

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Christopher Showalter
Resident:Monroe, North Carolina, United States
Photographer:Alexandra Nicole Trombly
As my step-father, Chris does whatever he can to support his family, from working long brutal hours, to giving up his time and money to making sure his three children have the necessities of life, and much more. Hes always taking time away from his life to make sure that his five year old son makes it to baseball practice on time, his 7 month old baby is well taken care of, and his 15 year old step-daughter (me) has the ability to go places with her friends. He is always the life of the party doing whatever he can to make anyone and everyone laugh. He comes up with the most random things, at the most random times. When your having a bad day, hes guaranteed to make you laugh with his riduculous jokes. Sometimes he can be mistaken for a little kid because he is constantly joking and hard to take serious (at the right times). Through all the good and bad times, he is always there for our family and friends, even if hes laughing the whole time.

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