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Ashley Elementary (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Winston Salem
Our country: United States of America

We wear these clothes: We use casual cloth. Most people wear jeans and t-shirts, tennis, caps and sometimes sweaters.

We eat these foods: Mostly fast food

We grow these foods: We grow grapes in vineyards

We practice these religions: All kinds: Christian, Muslim, Baptist and Jewish, among others.

We speak these languages: English and Spanish

These animals live in our area: Squirrels, racoons, deers chipmunks and many kinds of birds.

These industries support our local economy: Wake Forest University mostly (sports). Also the vineyards and turist atractions such as Old Salem and Reynolda House.

We use these types of transportation: There is few public transportation vehicles, as well as bikes. Most people own and drive cars.

These are our Nominees
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Anadylia Cuadra
Resident:Winston Salem. NC. USA
Photographer:Deshia Hudgins

My teacher inspires me because she is very nice and she is always telling everyone in the class to try hard when we can't do something right.

She makes sure that we are learning everything that she teaches in the classroom. Ms.Cuadra also makes sure that we use our brain in every subject.
I love a teacher that takes school and education very seriously. 5th grade has gotten harder but that's life. It gets harder and harder every grade you go to moving up.
She teaches us that as long as we believe and try out, we would get great things in "LIFE"

"I am a Believer and an Achiever."

She belongs to the 50% that are female, 80% that are adults, 7% that speak two languages, and 12% of the people who do not believe in any religion.
She is from Costa Rica and teaches in a Dual- Immersion class.

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