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Welcome to the team page of
Marvin Ridge High School (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Waxhaw
Our country: United States of America
Our timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT-6)
Our longitude is: 34° 59'
Our latiude is: 80° 47'

We wear these clothes: The state of North Carolina is cold in we winter and hot and humid in the summer. We wear pants, sweatshirts (we love to wear college, basketball, or football sweatshirts--Go Carolina Panthers!), and sweaters in the winter. In teh summer, we like to wear t-shirts and shorts.

We eat these foods: We are a fast food consumer! McDonald's, Chick Fi-La, Wendy's and and Taco Bell are the four most popular. When families do cook at home they usually consume meat products such as steak and chicken.

We grow these foods: Ocra I know this is not a food but we grow tobacco

We practice these religions: Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Jewish

We speak these languages: English and Spanish

These animals live in our area: Many families have dogs and cats as house pets. We also have many types of birds. It's common to see deer and bunny rabits in the backyard.

These industries support our local economy: Bank of America and Wachovia Bank are located in downtown Charlotte. Many of our school's parents work for these two banks. In addition, real estate and construction help support our econonmy.

We use these types of transportation: We use automobiles as our main mode of transportation. To help alleviate traffic we encourage car-pooling and rapid transit. Many families own mini-vans and SUV's as their automobile of choice. We just a light rail and there are some buses that people use. With the price of gas we need to start using these more, but kids still get their own cars on their 16th birthday.

These are our Nominees
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Deborah Lutz
Resident:Mint Hill, North Carolina
Photographer:Deborah Lutz
Deborah Lutz is the choral directtor at Marvin Ridge HIgh School in Waxhaw, NC. She received her college education at UNC Greensboro. Deborah Lutz founded NOVA VOICE which is the only women's choir in Chralotte.
Mrs. Lutz loves classical music and enjoys listening to it in her spare time. She also likes gardening and uses it as a stress relief.
To raise money for our school, Mrs. Lutz conducted the Maverick Idol which consisted of 10 performers. These performers recorded themselves singing and students would donated at lunch who was their favorite singer.
Mrs. Lutz is very kind and well respected at Marvin Ridge.

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