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Welcome to the team page of
Southeast Raleigh Magnet High School (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Raleigh, North Carolina
Our country: United States of America
Our timezone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)
Our longitude is: 35° 52' W
Our latiude is: 78° 47' W

These are our Nominees
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Anh Hile "Charlie"
Resident:Raleigh, NC, USA
Photographer:Michelle Martin
Charlie has inspired me not only as a person but as a hockey player and coach. He, like me, is a student, a player, and part of our community. I find it easy to relate to him because his age is so close to mine yet I can look up to his leadership and advice. I've only known him for a few months and yet he has taught me so much through his coaching. I've grown in leaps and bounds both as a hockey player and as a person. His energetic personality brings out good spirits within our team but he knows when to be serious and focus on development. I'm grateful I've had the chance to meet Charlie and play as a part of his team.

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