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Welcome to the team page of
Brentsville District High School (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Nokesville, VA
Our country: United States of America
Our timezone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)
Our longitude is: 77° 58'
Our latiude is: 38° 698'

We wear these clothes: Brentsville is a high school located within the United States in northern Virginia, located no more than an hour away from Washington D.C. Nokesville, the area the school is based in, is primarily rural, with little places to hangout, eat, or buy articles of clothing or food. The rural community Brentsville District High School is based drastically influences the type of things people do around the area, as well as food, and clothing preferences. There is a small mall located about half an hour from the town of Nokesville , where many people choose to purchase their clothing. The clothing styles within the school could be classified as preppy or dressy, with the exception of a few who choose to dress outside the normal.

We eat these foods: Outside of Nokesville, Virginia, there are many fast food resturants. These fast food restaurants fuel the busy lifestyles of those who have no time to stop. Due to this, restaurants such as those in the northern Virginia, Manassas, Virginia area, are always busy. Within Nokesville itself there is only a small restuanrant,and two convenince stores.

We grow these foods: There are many farmers in the rural area where Brentsville District High School resides. Many farmers around the area specifically grow vegetables, such as corn. Corn is the primary crop produced; therefore it is safe to say no farmers around here produce fruits in drastic numbers because we do not have a tropical climate but more so a moderate/temperate one.

We practice these religions: There are several different religions practiced in the area. In particular, there are copious amounts of Christian branches. There are also a viable amount of Catholic churches. Due to the ever increasing Hispanic population in the area, there are also a few Spanish temples. The Hispanic population is increasing due to the large amount of jobs offered in our area.

We speak these languages: As previously stated, the Hispanic population is increasing in this area and in the northern Virginia region. Spanish is becoming more and more frequently used. Although some people do speak Spanish, an overbearing amount of people in the area speak English.

These animals live in our area: The rural town of Nokesville offers various types of animals. In particular, there are many horse communities and farming locations that breed cows and pigs. Obviously, there are also many cookie-cutter neighborhoods where people house the usual dog or cat.

These industries support our local economy: The Government offers many jobs to people in the northern Virginia location. This is due to the fact that Washington D.C. is in close proximity to northern Virginia communities. There are also branches of governmental jobs that offer numerous positions to people around this area as well. As previously mentioned, there are a few farms around the area that market the products they produce primarily, or sell them to local markets or grocery stores.

We use these types of transportation: Most people in the area use gasoline or diesel powered cars or trucks by means of transportation. One would not walk to their job or ride their bike. The country back roads are dangerous around Nokesville because there are many sharp turns and such. Many people do not walk to their job because where they are employed is too far a distance to do such. The traditional structure of families in the area is most commonly single families, with a husband, wife, and children. There are not many openly homosexual relationships in the area, as gay marriage is not legal in the state of Virginia . In the northern Virginia area there are three levels of mandatory schooling. One must participate in elementary, middle, and high school. For those who do not wish to advance their learning or studies, college is optional. Until college, all levels of school are free, paid for by Virginia tax paying residents. One can also elect to enroll in a private school, of which is not paid for by Virginia tax paying residents, but solely by those who choose to go to private school. The only currency type accepted by stores in the area is an American dollar. Money from other countries however, can be exchanged for American dollars in a bank. Overall, the northern Virginia area consists of a moderate population with many job opportunities. The town of Nokesville , although very rural, is slowly becoming more and more like a suburb area. At the time however, if one is looking for a relaxed country lifestyle, Nokesville and other towns within northern Virginia , is the place to be.

These are our Nominees
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Abdo Georges Karmouch
Resident:Dumfries, Virginia

There are thousands of people around the United States that are considered immigrants. No matter what reason they come to the United States for they are always welcome with open arms. They may come here for better opportunities, better living conditions and many other things that may concern them. In the United States they are a lot better opportunities for people moving here for the first time. No matter what reason they are coming here they are welcome here with open arms.

One of these immigrants name is Abdo Georges Karmouch. He has lived in the United States for awhile now. He moved here to be wi
th his previous relationship who was an American citizen. He had one child with his ex-wife. The child’s name is Elie and he is 9 years old. Elie also lives in the United States with Abdo. When he lived in Lebanon Abdo worked in an auto body shop. When he moved here he had to give up that job. He now works in a retirement home as a security supervisor/mechanic. Abdo then became a citizen of the United States.

Abdo started a new relationship. Her name is Makda. They later on got married and had a child. They had a little girl. Her name is Angelina she is 2 years old. Abdo is happily married now and living in Dumfries, Virginia. He says that he does miss his home country of Lebanon. He visits his country every couple of years. The most he misses is his family back in his home coutry.

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

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