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Welcome to the team page of
Exploris Middle School (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Raleigh, NC
Our country: United States of America
Our timezone: New York (GMT -5 EST)

These are our Nominees
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Age:Range: 25-64
Resident:Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Race: White
Nativity: Born in US but not NC
Educational Attainment: Bachelor's Degree
Occupation: Student/ Homemaker
Travel Time to School and Work: 5 Minute Driving or 30 Minute Walk
Internet Access in Home: Yes

Adina grew up without much money on a small family farm in rural California. Her family's income was challenged because her grandparents were migrant farm workers when her father was a boy, and Adina had four sisters, who all grew up in the same household. Due to the lack of money, Adina had to work her way through school. However, now that Adina is an adult she is going back to get her Master's Degree in Natural Resources Management.

After living in Asheville for ten years, and doing better financially, Adina and her family moved to Raleigh two years ago. 'I needed to move to Raleigh so that and I could go back to school,' says Adina. As well as Adinas' education, she wanted her to go to stronger schools, that wouldn't be so overrun by bullying kids and negative peer pressure. Besides, if you hated the cold you would want to move away from the freezing mountains too.

One of Adina's favorite places to be is outside. Being outside is so important to her that she usually walks to school. Also she walks to school because parking costs too much. When Adina is outside, and with her kids she is as happy as she can be.

Adina is proud that she came from migrant farm workers and is now living a middle class life. Now that Adina lives in Wake County she is vary happy with the way her family lives. Although she feels her family has come a long way, sometimes she still worries about having enough money to cover health costs. Adina's daughter had her tonsils taken out last fall and was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Also, Adina had tumors removed in December. All of these extra costs plus the average family expenses have made these health costs hard to deal with.

'The best thing about Raleigh is the school system; but I'm worried about the over population.'

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