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Welcome to the team page of
American International School of Niamey (Niger)

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This is our Team
Our city: Niamey
Our country: Niger
Our timezone: Rome (GMT +1)
Our longitude is: 13° 25' E
Our latiude is: 2° 12' E

These are our Nominees
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Abdou Umarou
Resident:Niamey, Niger
Photographer:Cosmas Ohienmhen
Mr. Abdou Umarou is a guard and works at the American International School of Niamey. He is very tall and is dark in complexion. He has darkened hair, caliginous black eyes, and has a scar on his right side of his cheek. Abdou Umarou is currently 30 years of age. He likes to watch movies and news on the television. In his spare time, he is a bodybuilder and loves to work out in the gym. He is currently not married or in any relationship with anyone. Mr. Umarou is very admirable, compassionate, and is easy to talk with. He likes children and loves assisting people whenever he can.

Abdou Umarou is a Muslim and is from Niamey, Niger. He was raised in a small village named Fandu, which is located around the area of Yantala. He also speaks several different native languages like Hausa and Zarma that are spoken mostly in Niger, but he also speaks French and some English. Abdou Umarou has 1 brother and 3 sisters and is the oldest amongst them. Whenever he goes back home to his family, he helps his mother prepare food for dinner. If his sisters or brother is in need of anything, he immediately gets it for them and even aids his father if he is in need of assistance. Some of the income Mr. Abdou gets from work he uses to build houses for his father and family and supplies a steady amount of food to sustain him and his family for each day. This person I have chosen is a very amazing individual with a great sense of humor. Mr. Abdou Umarou is a very fun person to be with and does not only see you as a student but as a friend relatively to him.

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