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Saigon South International School (Vietnam)

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Resident:Ho Chi Minh City
Photographer:Ai Lan
When I went home, I saw a kid play with some broken branches; his face was innocent and also joyful. I was impressed by his naive smile.

I love this photo so much. The minute I took the photo I was sure that I had chosen the right person to take a picture. Because with a child, his innocent nature was showed clearly and naturally on his face. Moreover, his family was poor and they do not have enough condition for him to go to school, but just look at his face. He still kept his innocent smile.

I chose that background of branches of trees because I feel it is suitable to his soul-natural-unforced and comfortable.

His clothes and his face can present the face of Vietnamese children. We want to tell you that we are friendly.

Through this experience, I learned that taking a photo is not only a face, background but also your feelings and the human's soul.

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