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Southeast Polk Junior High (USA)

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Beth Miller
Resident:Runnells, Iowa United States
Photographer:Jodi Brady
I chose Beth Miller, because she is a very kind, sympathetic, caring, sweet, loving, soft spoken person. She is also awesome to be around, and I am proud and lucky too have her as my grandmother! She is a worker and owner of a Christmas Tree Farm.

She made the world a better place by always acting with kindness and compassion and always looking out for other people. Her mission for life is: Be true to yourself, God, and your family!! She lives in Iowa because she was born here and grew up in the area. She was going too live in the Rocky Mountains but decided it was better weather here!

She grew up in a small house in the small town of Ivy with her parents and her one sister. Her parents were farmers and had a HUGE garden. She still today has a large garden with lots of vegetables!! She grew up poor but with much love in her family.

She remembers the war stamps her mother used to get for sugar, during the Depression. Another thing she remembers that is precious is when she spends a lot of time and patience teaching her granddaughters how to sew. They spent many days last summer cutting and sewing little, colorful purses.

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