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Sullivan Central High School (USA)

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Betty Martin
Resident:Blountville, TN
Photographer:Rachel Martin
When someone mentions the words hard-working and tough, I automatically think of my "Mamaw", Betty Martin. And that's not because her house is always spotless, which it is, or because I've never heard her complain about a work-load. Nor is it because for years she has labored over her beautiful garden that requires constant care. Instead, I think of her inspiring determination that she uses to overcome the accident on a day to day basis.
The accident would have devastated anyone. A riding lawnmower ran over her leg, leaving her with a rod in place and no functional knee. The doctors thought she might not live. She lived. They then told my family she might lose her leg. Not only did she fight to keep her leg, but she now walks without even the use of a cane. I know her leg still pains her and that it's frustrating for her not to be able to bend her leg, but she is tough. She cleans, gardens, drives (with hand controls), and faces life just as she did before the accident, and not once have I heard her use her unbendable leg as a cop-out. And she can still pick beans faster than anyone I know.

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