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Welcome to the team page of
Edward Milne Community School (Canada)

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This is our Team
Our city: Sooke, British Columbia
Our country: Canada
Our timezone: Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)
Our longitude is: 48° 22\'34\"' W
Our latiude is: 123° 44\'16\"' W

We wear these clothes: We wear sweaters, plaid flannel shirts, jeans, pants, shorts (girls and guys), scarves, toques, hoodies and snap back hats.

We eat these foods: We eat bacon, fish, salmon, dairy, seafood, eggs, bread, sandwiches, salads, potato chips, coffee and hamburgers. We can drink water straight from the tap.

We grow these foods: Salmon, oysters, shrimp, crab, deer and elk can all be harvested here. Blackberries, salmonberries and huckleberries grow naturally We also cultivate many non-indigenous food plants in fields and greenhouses.

We practice these religions: Christian religions (Anglican,Catholic, Jehova's Witness,Baptist), Mormanism, Judaism, Wiccan and Indigenous spirituality are all practiced in our community.

We speak these languages: Our community is predominantly English-speaking. The local indigenous language is Sencoten and we have a small number of immigrant families and visiting students who speak Mandarin, French, Spanish and German. German.

These animals live in our area: Sooke is located between the forest and the ocean. Bears, wolves, cougars, deer, elk, rabbits, snakes, lizards, salamandars,otters, seals and Orca whales all live in our area.

These industries support our local economy: The following local industries support our economy: logging, fishing, oyster farms, small-scale coffee production, beer brewing, wasabi production, gravel extraction and salal harvest.

We use these types of transportation: We use cars and bus to leave the community for work and shopping. Within the community we bike, walk and skateboard. We take a ferry to leave the island.

These are our Nominees
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