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Welcome to the team page of
Ikamiro Primary School (Uganda)

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This is our Team
Our city: Kamwenge in Western Uganda
Our country: Uganda
Our timezone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)

We wear these clothes: Jean trousers, cotton clothes and Nylon

We eat these foods: Fish, Banana, meat, beans, rice, Cassava, millet,potatoes,peas

We grow these foods: Banana, beans, peas, cassava, potatoes

We practice these religions: Christians and moslems

We speak these languages: English, Swahili and other Ugandan local languages

These animals live in our area: Chimpanzee, Guerillas, Monkey, Baboon, Lions, Elephant, Domestic cows, goats, sheep

These industries support our local economy: Cement factory, coffee factories, and local foods processing factories

We use these types of transportation: Bicycles, Motorcycle and vehicles

These are our Nominees
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Idah Mehangye
Resident:Rwamwanja, Kamwenge, Uganda
Photographer:Sabiiti Fenekansi
Idah Mehangye is a retired Secondary School teacher. After retiring from teaching she founded an organization called Parents Concern for young People through which many parents have found guidance on proper parenting, many children especially orphans and other needy children have been supported in their homes and in education.

Idah has mentored many young people as a teacher and counselor. Her projects have constructed many homes for poor households and have given them daily income projects saving them from poverty.

She has also represented Kamwenge district to Uganda's parliament an opportunity that has brought many benefits to Kamwenge community.

Through her leadership many health centres have been build in the community, schools, water systems and women empowerment programs have been implemented. Youths skills centres are in operation.

To the people of Kamwenge community and the entire country Uganda, Idah is a mother, a mentor, a teacher and a counselor.

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