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Welcome to the team page of
Benjamin Russell High School (USA)

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This is our Team
Our city: Alexander City, Alabama
Our country: United States of America
Our timezone: Central Daylight Time (GMT-5)
Our longitude is: 32° 9332'
Our latiude is: 85° 9360'

We wear these clothes: We are like most other cities in the Southeast. We wear jeans, tennis shoes, flip flops,and tank tops in the summer and spring. When fall rolls around, we start pulling out the sweaters and by the time winter is here we have got our boots on also. We mostly wear hoodies instead of heavy coats since it does not get too cold here. We rarely get snow but when we do, the heavy coats and gloves come out.

We eat these foods: A better question might be "what do we not eat"? We are southerners and we love fried chicken. Pizza, chicken nuggets, tacos, and French fries are also some of our favorites.

We grow these foods: People in our area usually grow vegetables just to sell a few or to have their own fresh supply. Tomatoes, corn, okra, peppers, beans, watermelons and squash are just a few of our favorites.

We practice these religions: There are several different faiths in our community. I think most would fall under the category of Protestants.

We speak these languages: We have several different ethnic groups in our community. Within our school we have Russian, Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and some German.

These animals live in our area: We have our fair share of cats and dogs. There are some ranches with horses and cows and there are plenty of deer. Every once in a while we have an encounter with black bears.

These industries support our local economy: We are one of the oldest textile towns in the Southeast but the mills have been shut down for several years now as the economy spiraled downward. There are several small industries that have made their homes in our city. A couple of them produce car parts which has helped with our fragile economy.

We use these types of transportation: We do not have city buses nor subways. We have the typical modes of transportation such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, or bikes.

These are our Nominees
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Dr. Anthony Wilkinson
Resident:Alexander City, Alabama
Photographer:Whitney Wyckoff & Gakia Edwards
Dr. Wilkinson is the principal of my school and it is an honor for me to have him leading us in the 21st. century. He is very passionate about his desire for us to be successful in the world with skills that will help secure our future. He is a man of principles and it is my pleasure to call him my principal. Dr. Wilkinson wants us to be successful after we graduate from high school and he is instilling within us character, class and pride. He is a person worthy of leading any group of people whether they are students or adults. I am so glad that he is a part of my life and I hope that I can live up to all the life lessons he has taught me.

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