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Wayne New Tech Academy (USA)

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Elizabeth Bryan
Resident:Fort Wayne, Indiana
Photographer:Colleen & Alejandra
Everyone perceives Mrs. Bryan as the strict director of New Tech Academy, but once you get to know her, you realize how those strict actions are for her student’s best interests. Mrs. Bryan strives for the success of her students and does everything necessary to ensure her students are fully equipped for their future. Having seen her students struggle in her recent experience in public high school, Mrs. Bryan wanted to “do school differently.” She stuck with that common goal and created a high school based on project based learning (PBL) and 21st century skills. Some of those skills she applies her students with include: oral/written communication, collaboration, critical thinking, agency, and professionalism. As Mrs. Bryan said, “When presented a task in the real business world, the students at New Tech Academy will have the insight on how to conquer these critical tasks because they have been utilizing the 21st century skills all throughout their high school career.” Compared to other traditional high schools, the students at New Tech are confronted with real life scenarios through projects, PBL, and group work which eventually lead students to a plethora of diverse ways to solve them.

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