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100 Faces: Trieste
A letter from Jim Pastore, Director of the International School of Trieste (Italy)

The International School of Trieste has been inspired by the 100 People Foundation and would like to reproduce their basic idea of a World Portrait on a local level. We have roughly 100 children in grades 4 through 8, and, therefore, can assign each child in those five grade levels to the project. This work will be carried out in a collaborative format by the 4th and 5th grade teachers, the computer teacher, and the literature and language arts teachers in the middle school. This team of 6 is currently brainstorming how to approach the project, with an aim to commence work when school begins again in January after the year-end break.

Our goal is to have a public presentation of the students' work in June in the city of Trieste, titled "A 100 Faces: Trieste". Each student will choose a person from the Trieste community and write a brief biography of that person, which will accompany a photo and a piece of art based on that person's life.

As school director I will approach the local government to assist us in two ways. First, I will present them with data along the lines of the original email that inspired your foundation to do its worldwide project. As Trieste is such a crossroads between Western and Eastern Europe, the Orient and even Africa, the goal will be to replicate the demographics of the city. Second, our hope is to put the show on downtown in a museum or perhaps even city hall, thus reproducing the idea of the larger 100 People Foundation end-goal presentation.