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Chatsworth International School, Singapo (Singapore)

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Mr. Gopal is Head of Maintenance at Chatsworth International School, Singapore, Orchard campus. Mr. Gopal is a very interesting, friendly, engaging, generous and approachable man. He is one of the hardest working staff at Chatsworth, but he doesn’t always receive the recognition he deserves for that. As with all supporting roles, people don’t always appreciate the work that he does for the school. Nonetheless, he still does his best and takes pride in his work. The main reason the school runs smoothly is because of the hard work Mr. Gopal carries out alongside his team.
Mr. Gopal is a very caring man. He says that if he won a million dollars he would give half of it to charity and a quarter to his children and a quarter to travel around the world. He has had many interesting life experiences one of them was when Princess Alexandra of the United Kingdom visited his home in the 1960s when the British still ruled Singapore. If Mr. Gopal could swap lives with anyone it would be with Mr Lee Hsien Loong, the current prime minister of Singapore because he would like to make a bullet train for the MRT line to move around quicker. From the examples above you can tell Mr. Gopal is a kind of person that cares a lot about his family and his job.
Mr. Gopal is a very proud man who takes lots of pride in his work. The reason he doesn’t receive as much recognition as the other staff on our campus is because he runs the school “behind the scenes” and doesn’t interact with the kids at our school compared to the other members of staff. This means that the kids may not recognize him as much as others. Although it may not be a dream job, Mr. Gopal is always there for our school and us. He never asks for recognition but he certainly deserves it.

  Inspired Artwork 1 of 1